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Roshan Digital Account


JS Bank now offers Roshan Digital Account to Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) residing across the world. NRPs can open a Foreign Currency (FCY) or PKR based NRP account that provides them unparalleled convenience through a simple, secure and completely digitized process to avail a host of benefits, paving way for a prosperous and progressive Pakistan.


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FAQs on Roshan
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Product Features
JS Bank Product Features No Initial
Deposit Required
JS Bank Product Features Mobile &
Internet Banking
JS Bank Product Features Secured and
Instant Services
JS Bank Product Features Real-time
Currency Conversion
JS Bank Product Features No Minimum
Balance Required
JS Bank Product Features Complete Digital
JS Bank Product Features Current/ Savings account in PKR or foreign currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, AED)
JS Bank Product Features SMS Alerts
JS Bank Product Features Free
JS Bank Product Features Cheque Book
JS Bank Product Features Free Mobile
JS Bank Product Features Pay Utility
JS Bank Product Features Dedicated Relationship Managers
to resolve queries & complaints
JS Bank Product Features Debit Cards offered – Gold, Titanium & Platinum
JS Bank Product Features Zakat Exemption
JS Bank Product Features Local credits are allowed to the extent of proceeds received from permissible investments
JS Bank Product Features Account is fully repatriable
JS Bank Product Features Invest in JS Deposit Products
JS Bank Product Features Individual/ Joint Account


  • Roshan Digital Accounts can be opened and maintained by individual non-resident Pakistani clients and resident Pakistani clients with wealth declared abroad

Required Documents

The following scanned documents are required for the opening of the JS Roshan Digital Account:

  • Customer (CNIC/ SNIC/ NICOP/POC)
  • Customer Passport (first 2 pages, Pakistani and / or foreign / passport of other country)
  • Specimen Signature (Scanned on a white page)
  • Proof of NRP status (POC/ Visa entry/ exit stamps, etc)
  • Proof of profession & source of Income/ Funds (For example: For salaried individuals employment letter, salary slip or bank statement & for busniess persons; busniess registration document, business letter head or bank account statement etc)
  • Live photograph

Before Getting Started

  • Filling of account opening form will approixmately take 10-15 minutes
  • After gathering the Required Documents you will need to scan and upload them
  • We advise you to read the FAQs to get familiar with the product
  • you will also need access to a webcam so that your live photo can be captured
  • You may use the live chat feature in case you need any kind of assistance at any point
  • You will have to acknowledge declaration to proceed to next steps
  1. Click on ‘Apply Now’ and fill in your personal information
  2. Upload soft versions of required documents
  3. e-KYC through recorded audio/ video calling by Bank’s representative with you
  4. Upon successful verification of details and documents, your account will be opened within 48 Hours
  5. You will receive confirmation email along with IBAN number from the Bank
  1. Resident Pakistani’s have to visit JS Bank Branch
  2. For Roshan Digital Account, Resident Pakistani’s have to submit wealth statement having foreign assets declared in last submitted tax return in addition to existing requirements for documents (as per regulator)
  3. Account will be opened as per the branch existing process

Minimum Documents Required for NRPs

  • Original scanned CNIC/ NICOP/ POC
  • Original scanned Passport (first 2 pages) (Pakistani and/or foreign/other country)
  • Proof of NRP status (e.g. scanned copy of POC, visa, entry/exit stamps, etc.)
  • Proof of Profession and Source of Income/Funds (e.g. scanned copy of job certificate, tax return, rent agreement, salary slips, etc.)
  • Photo of customer
  • Signature (Electronic)
  • FATCA/CRS Declaration

Additional Information

Pakistani residents with declared assets abroad can apply for foreign currency Roshan Digital Account by visiting any JS Bank branch. Customers may also be contacted online or through video call by JS Bank for due diligence. The online verification session will be recorded for quality assurance purpose.

All taxes and Zakat are applicable as per laws of Pakistan.

Service Charges will apply as per prevailing SOC

RDA Profit rates PKR: 5.5 % All Tiers
Profit Payout Rates on FCY Deposits
Profit Payout Rates on LCY Deposits


Get in Touch

We thank you for your interest in the Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA) for Non-Resident Pakistanis. You are also requested to provide your feedback on overall user experience, suggestions and complaints (if any) for further improvement at [email protected] or call at +922132799009, +92 (051-021) 111 654 321.

You can also contact us on our Facebook page:
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You may also share your feedback and suggestions related to Roshan Digital Accounts with State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) at [email protected]




Cheque Book and Debit Card charges on all variants will be applied as per JS Bank Limited’s (JS Bank) prevailing Schedule of Charges (SOC). Debit card and cheque book request will be processed once the account is funded within 7 working days of account generation. Courier charges will be applicable At Actual.