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TPL Life Hifazat

Insurance for your parents
TPL Life Insurance presents TPL Life Hifazat, a complete insurance plan designed to take care of your parent’s health needs. The plan offers unmatched benefits along with value added services to help maintain a robust lifestyle in the later stages of their lives. Its exclusive call center product which includes and provides emergency hospitalization limits for parents, ICU Room & Board, Coverage of Ambulance Service expenses and specialized investigations.

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The Term of TPL Life Parental insurance is 12 months.


Minimum Annual Hospitalization Limit is minimum 100,000 & Max 300,000


Minimum 20,000/- Maximum 35,000/-


Minimum 50 Years Old Parents to 90 Years Old Parents.

Panel Hospitals

TPL Life has more than 300 panel hospitals across Pakistan

Free Look Period

A free look period of 14 days is available to review your policy’s terms and conditions and cancel the policy (If needed). The Premium paid will be refunded within 14 days of the receipt of the request from the issue date of the policy


JS Bank is acting as the Corporate Insurance Agent and Distributor of the TPL Life Care on behalf of TPL Life Insurance Limited. JS Bank will not be responsible in any manner if your application or claim is rejected by TPL Life Insurance nor will
it investigate or provide any opinion on merits of the claim