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Roshan Kal

Investment Plan

Roshan Kal allows you to plan your monetary growth and at the same time gives you a comprehensive life protection plan. The perfect plan for a brighter future, exactly what you and your family deserve.

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You'll have complete access to the accumulated fund value at all times. After full contributions for two years, the fund can be withdrawn for its full or partial value. If you decide to cancel/terminate the Plan,the fund will be encashed at the current bid price.
Every contribution in RoshanKal is utilised to purchase units of the EFU Guaranteed Growth Fund, an investment fund with a balanced investment strategy1.
Enjoy a guaranteed level of life assurance protection. This means that in case of death, your dependents will receive the sum assured or the cash value of the plan at the time of death (whichever is higher) and any cash values of FAP payments.
Deposit any surplus funds as a lump sum contribution as Fund Acceleration Premium (FAP) payments at any policy anniversary. The FAP payments will increase the cash value of the plan but will not affect the sum assured.
The longer the terms of the plan, the higher the rewards.
If you decide to surrender/terminate the plan, the fund will be encashed at the current bid price.

1. Unit Allocation:
Premiums are allocated to the investment fund based on the following unit allocation percentages

Year 1 55%
Year 2 80%
Year 3 90%
Year 4 to 10 100%
Year 11 onwards 100% plus loyalty bonus

FAQs for RoshanKal

What is RoshanKal?

RoshanKal is a flexible investment plan. The plan provides the client with savings with high value returns along with flexible term and conditions. The purpose of the plan is to provide potential clients a vital financial planning tool to better equip them to face

Opportunity for Growth

  • EFU Managed Growth Fund
  • EFU Guaranteed Growth Fund

Minimum Premium

The minimum premium is PKR 24,000 per annum

Additional Benefits:

  • In order to enhance the overall advantage you get from the product, other options apart from the basic benefits on offer can also be availed. These additional benefits include:

  • Inflation Protection
  • Additional Term Assurance
  • Accidental Death and Disability Benefit
  • Accidental Death and Disability Plus Benefit
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Lifecare Plus benefit
  • Waiver of Premium

  • Charges

    • Investment Management Charge: 0.125% of the value of the fund per month.
    • Bid/Offer Spread: 5 % of the net regular premium.
    • Administration Charge: Rs. 30 per month.


    • The contributions in the plan are invested in EFU managed growth fund.
    • This product is underwritten by EFU Life Assurance Ltd. It is not guaranteed or insured by JS Bank Limited or its affiliates and is not a JS Bank Limited product.
    • Growth in the value of your contributions depends on the performance of EFU managed growth fund.
    • EFU Life Assurance Ltd is registered and supervised by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.
    • All investments made in EFU Managed Growth Fund are subject to market risks. The past performance of EFU Managed Growth Fund is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Any forecast made is not necessarily indicative of future or likely performance of the fund and neither EFU Life Assurance Ltd. Nor JS Bank Limited will incur any liability for the same.
    • A personalized illustration of benefits will be provided to you by our sales representative. Please refer to the notes in our illustration for detailed understanding of various terms and conditions.
    • Service charges and taxes will be applicable as per the bank's "schedule of Charges" and taxation laws as stipulated by the relevant authorities.
    • JS Bank Limited reserves the right to levy such additional charges(s) as may be required, to facilitate the making of contribution in the plan, in the event that the arrangement between JS Bank Limited and EFU Life Assurance Limited is discontinued.