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Health Protector

Health Protector is a convenient and affordable way to cover your expenses in case of In-Patient hospitalisation due to accident or illness. Health Protector is a health insurance scheme that provides annual coverage with an option of renewal each year, and will cover you in case of hospitalisation. The plan is underwritten by Allianz EFU Health Insurance Limited, Pakistan’s first specialised Health Insurance Company.

Misfortune can strike at any time, and with healthcare costs on the rise, protect your family and yourself from mental distress with Health Protector

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What you need to know

Healthy adult Pakistani up to sixty years of age.
Visit our branch and apply for the coverage. No medical examination is required.


  • Hospitalization
  • Accidental Hospitalization
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Pre/Post-Hospitalization Investigations, Consultations and Medicines
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment and Dental Treatment (for pain relief only)
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Day Care Treatment
  • Emergency International Coverage

Health Protector – Benefits:

The following benefits are offered under each plan:

Plan Category Platinum Gold Silver
Annual Limit PKR 500,000 PKR 300,000 PKR 150,000
Additional Limit for Accidental Hospitalization PKR 150,000 PKR 100,000 PKR 50,000
Sub-Limit for Emergency Evacuation PKR 50,000 PKR 50,000 PKR 25,000
Sub-Limit for Pre/Post Hospitalization PKR 10,000 PKR 7,500 PKR 3,000
Sub-Limit for Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment PKR 10,000 PKR 7,500 PKR 3,000
Room Entitlement Private Semi-Private Semi-Private

Premium Rates:

The policy premiums are affordable, and depend on the age of the member and the plan category, as below:  
Age (Next Birthday) Platinum (PKR)Gold(PKR)Silver
90 days - 18 days 11,500 10,000 7,000
19 - 44 yrs 12,000 10,500 7,200
45 - 59 yrs 24,500 22,000 14,500
60 - 54 yrs 33,500 30,500 20,500
65 - 69 yrs 79,500 72,500 49,500
• Premiums inclusive of 1% Federal Insurance Fee (FIF)
• Please add Rs.750/- as Policy Admin Fee & Stamp Duty (Non-refundable)
• In case the policyholder is a non-filer, additional 4% Advance Tax on premiums shall be collected as required by the law.


  • JS Bank Limited (“Bank”) is acting as a distributor of this Insurance Policy under the Bancassurance agency agreement on behalf of Allianz EFU Health Insurance Limited (“Insurance Company”). Policy will be underwritten and issued by Allianz EFU Health Insurance Limited. Any claim liability arising out of this Policy shall be directly reported to Allianz EFU Health Insurance Limited.
  • The prospective policyholder’s / policyholder’s statement of account / application form, health declaration or recorded verbal statement for own self and / or on behalf of dependents will act as his / her enrolment along with proposed dependents under the Policy subject to realisation of due premium.
  • This product brochure only gives a general outline and introduction of the benefits available under the policy. For complete Terms and Conditions, please refer to the Policy Document