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EFU Cover Shield Plan

Wellbeing of self and the family is foremost priority in everyone’s life. But the uncertain changes and unpredictable incidents may become a barrier to live a peaceful life. But, these uncertainties can be mitigated through effective financial planning and transferring the financial risks to keep the loved ones protected. EFU Cover Shield Plan is a one of a kind plan which minimizes your financial risks and keep your family protected from the burden of credit in case of death or accidental permanent total disability of the assured or borrower. The plan works by paying off any outstanding liability to the bank keeping the insured and the family protected from burden of debt and the remaining amount will be given to the beneficiaries.

EFU Sunhera Khuwab Plan that meets your child’s education and marriage expenses along with the added advantage of life insurance cover and flexible options to customize the benefits according to your needs.

At what age can I get enrolled in the plan?

You can enroll in the plan from the age of 18 years till you are 64 years old and this plan will keep you protected until you attain 65 years of age.

What are the events covered under this plan?

This plan provides coverages for death and accidental permanent total disability.

Till when will this plan keep me protected?

This is an either annual or monthly renewable plan which provides you the full coverage for the period/term of one year or on monthly basis.

What is not covered by this plan?

Following are the exclusions:

  • Pre-existing condition, which includes disease and incapacity or bodily injury which existed prior to this coverage.
  • Suicide and attempt to suicide, murder, self-inflicted injury and illegal act of the insured person.
  • Failure to seek or follow medical advice, taking of alcohol or drugs.
  • Participating in exercises or operations while serving with of the armed or paramilitary forces or while performing any form of police duty.
  • War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), armed or unarmed truce, civil war, mutiny, rebellion, revolution, insurrection by military or usurped power, riot or civil commotion, an illegal organization or an industrial dispute.