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JS Elite Salary Loan

JS Elite Salary Loan offers convenient financing facility against your salary, enabling you to meet short term goals or upgrade lifestyle. Avail financing up to 4 gross salaries, for a much needed family vacation or for home renovation!

JS Elite Salary loan offers financing from Rs. 40,000 to as high as 2 million, depending on your gross monthly salary and loan tenure.

  • 4x Gross Salary at a tenure of 36 months
  • 3x Gross Salary at a tenure of 24-35 months
  • 2x Gross Salary at a tenure of 12-23 months

Facility A: Avail Loan against End Service Benefits at 1-Year KIBOR+6% per annum


Facility B: Avail Loan against 6 postdated Cheques at 1-Year KIBOR+10% per annum

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Financing: Up to Rs. 2,000,000/-
Charges: Rs. 3500/- or 1% (Whichever is higher)
Tenure: Up to 36 Months.
Early Settlement Option (5% of outstanding loan amount)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must have JS Elite or JS Elite Plus Current account
  • CNIC Holders between 21 and 60 years
  • Must be permanent employee with minimum of 1 year experience (including probation period)
  • Minimum Gross Monthly Salary of RS. 40,000/-

Required Document Checklist:

  1. Original Application Form
  2. Copy of CNIC/NICOP/SMART ID/Passport
  3. Original Salary Slip
  4. Employment Certificate
  5. Latest Utility Bill / Rental Agreement

To Get Started!

Submit your JS Elite Loan Application Form along with the required documents to your JS Bank Employee Banking Relationship Manager, or call us now at 0800-011-22 for more information.