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JS Elite Salary Loan

JS Elite Salary Loan offers a convenient financing facility against your salary, enabling you to meet short-term goals or upgrade your lifestyle for a much-needed family vacation or home renovation!

JS Elite Salary loan offers financing from Rs. 40,000 to as high as 4 million, depending on your gross monthly salary and loan tenure.

  • Financing- Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 3M,
  • For Elite Prime customers Rs. 4M
  • Markup - Two different Mark-Ups are offered with JS Elite Salary Loan

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Financing: Up to Rs. 4,000,000/-
Charges: Rs. 3500/- or 1% (Whichever is higher)
Tenure: Up to 48 Months
Early Settlement Option (5% of outstanding loan amount)

  • Facility A: Loan offered at 1-Year KIBOR + 8%, secured through the comfort letter and undertaking by the employee of the corporate entity for lien-marking for their end service benefit
  • Facility B: Loan offered at 1-Year KIBOR + 12%, with up to 2 Post Dated Cheques as security equal to 6 EMI’S.
Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have a JS Elite or JS Elite Plus salary account with JS Bank
  • CNIC Holders between 21 and 60 years (at the time of maturity)
  • Permanent and contractual employees can apply for a loan (Salaries should be credited into the JS Bank account)
  • Minimum monthly Gross salary of Rs. 40,000/-