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Rupee Plus

Saving Account
One account, many benefits

JS Rupee Plus Savings Account is a special deposit account that calculates profits daily, giving maximum returns with the greatest flexibility. By opening a Rupee Plus Account with JS Bank, the following services can be availed based on the maintenance of a monthly average balance:

Online Inter-city Funds Transfer
Return Cheque (outward)
Demand Draft and Pay Order Issuance

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By maintaining an average monthly balance of PKR 250,000 in the Rupee-Plus Account, you can avail of the following additional services absolutely free of charge:

Counter Cheques
Collection Cheque (Local)
Retained Mail
Stop Payment
Chequebook Issuance (25 leaves)
Small Locker*
ATM Card Issuance**
ATM Card Annual Fee Waiver
Telex / Postage
Statement Issuance
Balance Certificate
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*Subject to the availability of vacant lockers at the branch.
**Applicable for individuals, sole proprietorships, and partnership accounts.
***Subject to the maintenance of a monthly average balance of 250,000 and above of the previous month