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Complaint Handling Mechanism at Banks

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has instructed all banks, Microfinance banks (MFBs) and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) to put in place “Consumer Grievance Handling Mechanism (CGHM)” for efficient resolution of consumers’ complaints and grievances. A CGHM in banks/MFBs/DFIs encompasses philosophy about customer complaints, the hierarchy, systems and procedures to deal with the complaints in fair, transparent and efficient manner.

If you are aggrieved with any service or product offered by the bank/MFB, you can lodge complaint at “Complaint Management Unit (CMU)” of respective bank and MFB. The banks have established centralized “Complaint Management System (CMS) which handles complaints received through surface mail, fax, email, website or complaints lodged at banks’ call centers. CMU is headed by the senior position which directly report to the Chief Executive Officer of banks/MFB. On receipt of complaint, the respective banks/MFB shall:

  1. Send an acknowledgement via SMS, email, recorded line or surface mail confirming the receipt of the complaint and briefly describing complaint process, the time line to resolve or decide the complaint and the contact details for follow up on complaint; and
  2. Send interim reply stating expected time during which final reply is provided in form of SMS, emails etc., in case a complaint requires detailed investigation;

Acknowledgment Interim reply Final reply
Within 48 hours of the receipt of the complaint. After 10 working days in case the matter requires detailed scrutiny. These sorts of complaints may include issues relating to fraud, embezzlement of funds, repayment disputes, etc. Within 7 working days if the complaint is of minor nature and does not require detailed investigation. These may include complaint of misbehavior, malfunctioning of system, repayment or settlement disputes etc. In any case the complaint must be disposed of within 15 days. However, the fraud related cases the final reply to the complainant must be issued within 30 days from the lodgment of the complaint.

Not all complaints can be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant. In such cases, the bank/MFB shall inform to complainant:

  1. the reasons /justification on the basis of which the complaint is denied; and
  2. the alternate grievance resolution forums available along with their contact details.

In order to file complaints with the Banking Mohatasib please follow three simple steps:

    1. Approach your bank in writing to resolve your complaint stating in the letter that you intend to refer the grievance to the Banking Mohtasib if matter is not resolved to your satisfaction.
    2. If you do not receive a reply from the bank within 45 days, or find the reply unsatisfactory, you may file a complaint with the Banking Mohtasib on the prescribed complaint form.
    3. The complaint form duly completed, signed and attested by an Oath Commissioner should be attached to your letter of complaint addressed to the Banking Mohtasib and sent to:


Banking Mohtasib Pakistan
Shaheen Complex
5th floor, M R Kiyani Road

For Details on JS Bank complaint procedure please see: Internal Complaint Handling Process

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*Source: www.financialeducation.pk