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Sustainable Finance

At JS Bank, we lead the charge in driving sustainability initiatives across Pakistan, actively combatting the impact of climate change in Pakistan.

As trailblazers in sustainable finance, we proudly hold accreditation from the Green Climate Fund (GCF), making us the first commercial bank to achieve this remarkable feat. Notably, we have secured exclusive approval from the GCF board for the groundbreaking Pakistan Distributed Solar Project (PDSP), a testament to our unwavering commitment.

With this Accreditation, JS Bank gains access to USD 250 Million in GCF funding. This financial backdrop empowers us to execute and implement climate-resilient projects, focusing on both mitigation and adaptation. Our vision is aligned with Pakistan’s sustainable development goals, and our dedicated sustainable finance department strives to create innovative financial products tailored to meet these aspirations.

GCF is the world’s largest climate fund which has deployed over USD 10 Billion projects to combat climate change. Mandated by UNFCCC and backed by developing countries, GCF provides financial solutions to developing countries for low-emission climate resilient development.

At JS Bank, we embraced the rigorous GCF Accreditation requirements and demonstrated unwavering commitment to transformation. Sustainable finance orchestrated institutional arrangements, streamlining systems, and shaping robust policy and procedures to solidify JS Bank’s track record of sustainable initiatives.

  • First commercial bank in Pakistan to publish Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) sustainability report in 2017.
  • Adopted Environmental and Social Risk Management Framework (ESRM) framework in 2019.
  • Conducted an extensive exercise to reduce carbon footprint in overall Bank’s operations.
  • Successfully financed over 385 solar projects in the residential and agri sectors.
  • Only bank to be Green Office certified by the World Wildlife Fund.
In a significant milestone, the Accredited Master Agreement (AMA) was inked in June 2020, marking a decisive step towards our sustainable finance endeavors. The AMA swiftly came into effect in May 2021, propelling us closer to our vision.

Following AMA’s effectiveness, sustainable finance team promptly crafted a compelling Concept Note, paving the way for a Funding Proposal. This proposal resonated with the members of the GCF Board, leading to its resounding approval during B.32 meeting in May 2022.

The PDSP is an initiative developed by JS Bank to fortify our renewable energy portfolio by mitigating associated risks. This transformative project includes an array of compelling features, including:

  • Informative marketing campaign
  • Gender Action Plan
  • Concessional financing to women entrepreneurs
  • Capacity building and training sessions

JS Bank as an Accredited Entity:

At our core we believe in transparency, engagement, and knowledge sharing to combat climate change together and create opportunities for climate action. We welcome collaborations form private and public sector entities to achieve a sustainable and greener future for all. Join us in this vital mission by submitting your proposals: