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JS Khud Mukhtar

JS Khud Mukhtar is a financing solution for business women of Pakistan, enabling empowerment as well as financial stability. JS Khud Mukhtar provides easy access to finance for fulfilling all your aspirations with term loan of up to Rs. 1.5 million, at a subsidised mark-up rate of 5% per annum (based on State Bank of Pakistan refinance scheme).

The Geographical Coverage under this financial product includes:

  • JS Khud Mukhtar aims to improve access to finance for women entrepreneurs across Pakistan.


The eligibility criteria for the applicants under this financial product includes:

  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) holder, with maximum age of 60 years
  • Must have Clean e-CIB record
  • Financing will be provided for:
  • Setting up of a new business enterprise
  • Expansion of an existing one where the individual has been in business for at least one year and has sufficient knowledge of the business


To apply the applicant would also need to provide:

1.Filled and Signed Loan Application Form
2.Filled and Signed Request Application Form of JS Khud Mukhtar
3.Wealth Tax Form (where applicable)
4.Personal Guarantee
5.Business Plan
6.Any other requirement of the Bank

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