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JS Hospital Financing

JS Hospital Financing, based on State Bank’s Refinance Facility for Combating COVID-19 (RFCC), is a loan facility for Hospitals and Medical centers who want to cater to the increased demand of healthcare services due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19. This financing facility allows hospitals and medical centers to buy local /imported medical equipment so that they are fully prepared and adequately equipped to deliver quality services to the population of the country.

This finance facility is to be utilized for buying only new medical equipment by Hospitals & Medical Centers as per following list provided below:

Ventilators Testing Equipment and Testing Kits Sterilization Equipment Personal Protective Equipment Surgical protective dresses
Surgical Sets Examination beds Oxygen cylinders Oximeters Bed screens & separators
Setting up of isolation ward (up to 60% cost of entire civil works)

Eligibility Criteria:

    • The Hospitals and Medical Centers should be duly registered with respective provincial/federal agencies/commissions
    • Suppliers / Pharmacies will not be eligible for this facility
    • NTN of three years will be required alongside ATL presence
    • Only borrowers, as defined in Commercial/ Corporate/ SME Prudential Regulations, shall be eligible to avail financing facilities under the Scheme


      • Documents Requirements:
        1. Business proof of last 3 years
        2. Audited Accounts and Management Accounts, as per Commercial/ Corporate/ SME Prudential Regulation, where applicable
        3. Personal guarantee of the owner/directors. Sponsor directors’ personal guarantee in the case of limited companies
        4. Supporting Documents/Undertaking to be obtained for proper utilization of loan
        5. Last 1-year Bank Statement required for JS Bank account holders
        6. Last 2-year Bank Statement required for Non-JS account holders
        7. NTN of three years will be required alongside ATL presence.
        8. In case the hospital is owned by trust or work under charter it would be prudent to obtain the trust deed /charter confirming whether they are eligible / can borrow and can provide security against borrowings
        9. Any other requirement of the Bank as per Commercial/ Corporate/ SME Prudential Regulations

During the duration of facility disbursement until approval from SBP for the refinance facility, mark-up rate of 1-Month KIBOR+2% (floating) per annum would be applicable.

Late Payment Mark-up will be applicable at 1-Month KIBOR+3% (floating) per annum.

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