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Trade Services

A partner of choice for businesses across the country, JS Bank offers comprehensive solutions which combine international trade products and services with custom-made solutions for structured trade and structured finance. As a relationship-driven bank, we strive to add value to your supply chain with our world class digital banking solutions. Our local and international presence backed by a large correspondent bank network helps us serve your needs across the world, along with our Trade team who excels in both international and local banking expertise.

To compliment this presence, we offer a number of in-house Trade Finance specialists who are well-equipped to manage your complete end-to-end trade flows. Offering two Centralized Trade Hubs with dedicated teams catering to South Region based in Karachi while our Lahore hub serves North & Central region trade.

Trade Services includes a full range of offerings:

JS Bank offers tailor-made solution to fit the needs of its Trade customers by providing unique propositions.

  • Export LC Advising

Export Letters of Credits and Amendments are received from the Issuing bank and advised to the beneficiaries within time.

  • Exports under Contract / Collection / LC

Export documents under contract / collection / LC are handled and sent to collecting / issuing bank for collection of funds. Purchase / Discounting / FCEF / FAFB facilities are also available to our customers to meet their financing (Working Capital) need on these documents.

  • Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is a receivable finance available to our customers & given to clients against lien over their Invoices to support their cash flows.

  • Issuance of Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit (LC) facility is available for Importers to support their import requirement. Letter of credit is a surety to the beneficiaries abroad that their payment against under lying trade is secured by our bank.

  •  Import Contract Registration

Registration of Contract Facility is available to importers who want to import through registered import contract with authorized dealer before importing goods.

  • Import Inward Collection (Sight/Usance)

International trade payment (DP/DA) wherein shipping documents are received at bank’s counter through foreign bank / exporter without involvement of LC.

  • Import Open Account Payment / Consignment Payment

We offer this facility to support remittance / import wherein shipping documents are received directly to importer/buyer from Seller abroad.

  • Import Advance Payment without LC & without Contract

Import Advance payment enables our clients to remit payment abroad for subsequent import.

  • Issuance of Shipping Guarantee

Shipping guarantee facility is also available for our clients wherein their consignment arrives at port, but original shipping documents are not received to release the shipment.

Trade Finance (Imports)

  • Finance against Trust Receipt (FATR)

FATR is an import finance disbursed to an importer for making an import payment to the foreign/local buyer after presentation of documents under LC/Contract/Collection/Open Account.

  • Foreign Currency Import Finance (FCIF)

FCIF is import finance in nature and can be disbursed for import payments in foreign currency by creating a foreign currency loan against the importer.

Trade Services processing is centralized at Two (2) locations in Pakistan on the following addresses:

1 Trade Services
8th Floor, Shaheen Commercial Complex
Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road,
Direct No: 0092 21 38907834
E-mail: Documents Team [email protected]

2 Trade Services
45-F, 2nd Floor, Al Mustafa Centre,
Main Market, Gulberg, Lahore.
Direct No: 0092 42 35788464
E-mail: Documents Team [email protected]

JS Bank Limited, Pakistan will not be liable for any delays in payment/acceptance if the Import Collection Documents under URC 522 are delivered at any other locations in Pakistan.

  • A guarantee or standby LC provides your business counterpart with acceptable security if you (as the applicant) fail to fulfill obligations in the underlying contract. The benefits of guarantee / standby LC are as follows:
    • You can use it to guarantee payment in case of default or non-performance
    • It gives your business counterparty payment assurance to accept certain trading or dealing conditions
    • It allows you to leverage your credit standing to secure banking facilities for other companies
  • Trading internationally or domestically, we offer the following guarantees / standby LCs to cover various risks:
    • Performance Bond
    • Tender Guarantee/Bid Bond
    • Advance Payment Guarantee
    • Payment Guarantee
    • Customs Bond
    • Financial Guarantees

Financing is available for exporters under ERF Scheme Part – I & Part – II against the eligible sectors & commodities as per SBP’s directions.

ERF Part – I

Financing can be availed at pre-shipment and/or post-shipment stage against firm export contract / LCs. for the duration of 180 days tenor under pre-shipment and/or post-shipment from the date of financing and from the date of shipment respectively.

ERF Part – II

Financing can be availed on the basis of past year export performance for the one year tenor on roll-over basis. Performance monitoring period is from July 01, to 30th June of each performance year.

Long Term Finance Facility for Plant & Machinery (LTFF)

  • Financing is available to the export-oriented projects only having annual exports equivalent to US$ 5 million or 50% of sales, whichever is lower.
  • Financing also available to new projects on the basis of projected exports. New projects are required to meet the minimum export target of LTFF (annual export equivalent to US$ 5 million or 50% of sales, whichever is lower) on staggered basis in four years.
  • Up to 10 years depending upon feasibility of project

For inquiries/verifications related to genuineness of Bank Guarantees, the beneficiaries may contact the following address:

Country Head Trade Services
Trade Services
8th Floor, Shaheen Commercial Complex
Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road,
Karachi-74200 Pakistan
Phone # 0092-21-38907845, 7846, 7829

Complains & Queries: https://jsbl.com/feedback