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Wallet Account

JS Raqam

JS Raqam Current Account is an addition to our employee banking proposition that targets labor and manufacturing staff earning up to PKR 25,000/- per month, to ensure that all your payroll requirements are met in an efficient, and convenient way. The JS Raqam Account will allow fast account opening at your premises for your staff, and easy salary disbursal and management through our JCash app.

Zero Balance Maintenance
Free Transactional SMS Alerts
No 1 Link or M-Net Charges
Free PayPak Card
JCash App
Insurance Coverage Coverage Frequency of
Availing Insurance
ATM & Over-The-Counter Cash Withdrawal Insurance Up to PKR 25,000/- Twice a year
Wallet Snatching Insurance Up to PKR 5,000/- Once a year
Mobile Phone Snatching Insurance Up to PKR 10,000/- Once a year
Accidental Death / Permanent Total Disability Insurance Up to PKR 500,000/-
Terms & Conditions Applied