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Financial Institutions

Catering to diverse needs and requirements of retail, commercial and corporate clients’ global import and export needs in a timely, efficient and risk averse manner. With a continuously growing distribution network, covering over 100 global destinations via 340+ RMA's at present.

Fund Based Relationships
  • Conventional Nostro and Vostro Accounts
  • Discounting of Letters of Credit and Guarantees
  • Risk Participation
  • Forfaiting
  • Avalisation
Trade Relationships
  • Export LCs - Advising, Adding Confirmation, Negotiation, Discounting
  • Import LCs – Issuance of Import LCs
  • Guarantees and Counter Guarantees

JS Bank Ltd – Pakistan Nostro account list
JS Bank Ltd – Bahrain Nostro account list
Routing details of different currencies (SSI list)