About JS Investments Limited

JS Investments Limited (JSIL) is a subsidiary of JS Bank Limited, and is the oldest Asset Management Company (established 1995) in Pakistan. JSIL is part of JS Group – one of Pakistan’s most diversified and prestigious financial groups, with a strong presence in the nation’s banking, insurance, brokerage, and asset management sectors.

JS Investments, with its fund management expertise, has become a reliable partner for investors seeking to achieve their financial goals. JSIL has been serving over 40,000 Institutional and Individual investors across the nation for more than 20 years.

JS Large Capital Fund

JS Large Capital Fund (JS LCF) is an open-end Equity Scheme that aims to benefit from Capital Market to maximize the total investment return consisting of a combination of capital appreciation and dividend income. Consistent with its Investment Objective, the Fund shall invest primarily in equity securities of listed Large-Cap companies with market capitalization of over Rupees one billion. The remaining Funds shall be invested in Authorized Investments including cash and/or near cash instruments which include cash in bank accounts, and Government securities not exceeding ninety (90) days maturity.

Benefits of Investing:

  • Better expected returns through a diverse portfolio of shares of listed companies of over PKR One Billion
  • Mainly benefits from capital appreciation and dividend income
  • No charges on redemption.
  • Tax efficient returns and Tax Credit (Under prevailing Tax Laws)

Product Summary:

  • Fund Name JS Large Capital Fund (JS LCF)
  • Fund Type & Category: Open End –Equity Scheme
  • Risk Profile: High
  • Benchmark: KSE30 Index (Total Return Index)
  • Minimum Investment: 1 unit
  • Front end Load: 3.00%
  • Back end load: Nil
  • Management Fee: 2.00% (Exclusive of SST & FED)
  • Payment Instruction: Cheque or bank draft or pay order, made payable to “CDC Trustee JS Large Cap. Fund”
  • Management Quality Rating: AM2 by JCR-VIS

For more information:

Toll free: 0800-00887

Website: www.jsil.com

Product Page: http://www.jsil.com/details.php?fund_code=12