JS Rupee Travellers Cheque

The Most Secure & Smart Way to Carry Cash!

JS Rupee Travellers Cheque is an easy-to-use cheque instrument designed to facilitate transactions in a secure and smart way, allowing customers great flexibility in conducting transactions on the move!

JS Rupee Travellers Cheque is very useful for individuals, particularly for customers who need cash while travelling within Pakistan to conduct transactions, make payments and keep their cash safe with them, with a secure and recognized tool that is as good as carrying cash!

Keeping Cash Was Never So Safe!

JS Rupee Travellers Cheque is available in denominations of Rs. 5,000 & Rs. 10,000, strengthened by as many as 9 unique security features!

Nationwide Availability

JS Rupee Travellers Cheques are now available at 61 designated branches of JS Bank, and may be encashed at any JS Bank branch.

Pakistan’s Most Secure Travellers Cheque

Security Features have been added to the JS Rupee Travellers Cheque in order to make it impossible to replicate, making your Travellers Cheque the most secure Travellers Cheque in Pakistan. These security features include:

  • PSPC Watermark on all cheques.
  • Unique Red Fluorescent Numbering on all cheques.
  • Linographic Tint on background of the cheque.
  • Unique Black MICR Coding at the bottom of the cheque.
  • 2-color Invisible Hilits at the bottom of the cheque.
  • JS Bank micro-lettering under Chairman’s Signature.
  • Invisible Patches on front of cheque.
  • State-of-the-art DP Border around cheque.
  • Guilloche in the center of the cheque.

Sense of Security with Peace of Mind

JS Rupee Travellers Cheque provides you with peace of mind as these are fully refundable if lost or stolen. In case of loss & stolen cheques, you may contact any JS Bank branch across Pakistan.

Extended Validity

JS Rupee Travellers Cheques never expire & are valid until encashment, which means you can use these Travellers Cheques without fear of expiry.

Nationwide Acceptance

JS Rupee Travellers Cheques are encashable at any JS Bank branch across Pakistan, and may be deposited into any bank account of any bank in Pakistan.

For more information, please call JS Bank Contact Center at 0800 011-22 or visit any JS Bank branch.

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