JS PMYBL and Nestle Pakistan

JS Prime Minister Youth Business Loan for Nestlé Vendors

JS Bank, through the Prime Minister Youth Business Loan (PMYBL), empowers the farmers of Pakistan and presents the vendors of Nestlé with an opportunity to establish a source of increased income through:

  • Procurement of farm equipment/machinery
  • Buying your own tractors
  • Purchasing of livestock
  • Construction of sheds/farm upgrade

Salient Features of JS PMYBL and Nestlé Pakistan

Maximum Financing Limit: Rs. 2,000,000

Minimum Financing Limit: Rs. 100,000

Markup: Fixed at 6% per annum

Equity Contribution: Minimum 10% of the financing amount

Loan Tenor: 5 Years with monthly installments

Grace Period: 3 months (Only mark-up to be paid in the first 3 months. Principal + markup payments starts after grace period.)

Collateral Requirements: Agri-Passbook

Eligibility Criteria

Nestlé Vendors referred through Nestlé Pakistan, between the age of 21 and 45 years can apply for JS PMYBL Nestlé.

Document Checklist for JS PMYBL and Nestlé Pakistan

Reference letter from Nestlé Pakistan

One recent passport size photograph of the applicant

Copy of the CNIC of the applicant

Business feasibility report (Standard pre-approved business plan to be applicable)

Agri-Passbook (owned by the applicant)

Apply for JS PMYBL and Nestlé Pakistan

Step 1: Become a vendor for Nestlé Pakistan

Step 2: Nestlé Pakistan will refer vendors to the nearest JS Bank Limited branch

Step 3: Complete document checklist of JS PMYBL and Nestlé Pakistan