JS Elite Plus – A Step Beyond

JS Elite Plus Current Account is a notch above JS Elite Current Account – an account specially designed to cater to the needs of both the employer and the employees, a complete banking solution that offers additional perks and benefits along with smooth and efficient salary processing. As a JS Elite Plus Customer, you can enjoy transactional benefits, convenience, exceptional service and security of funds, all in one account. It is indeed an account for every individual’s needs!

Peace of mind and best in the class banking service that is a step beyond.

Benefits for the Employer

JS Elite Plus not only streamlines your salary payments but also offers the best in class banking facilities to cater to all your banking needs. Our efficient onboarding, salary disbursals and dedicated experienced relationship managers ensure that you are offered banking services that are a class apart. 

Benefits of JS Elite Plus Current Account Holders

Cheque Book – Free!

Start your Elite Plus experience with Free customized cheque books. As a JS Elite Plus customer, you can request up to 4 cheque books of 25 leaves each year absolutely free!

Gold Debit Card – Free!

Experience the power of being a JS Elite Plus customer with your Free Gold Debit Card!

ATM Cash Withdrawals -Free!

With the JS Elite Plus Account, cash withdrawals from any 1-Link or M-Net ATMs are free of charge!

Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) – Free!

Enjoy the ease and convenience of being an Elite Plus customer with Free IBFT service!

Pay Orders – Free!

The added benefit for being a JS Elite Plus customer is that you can request for unlimited pay orders absolutely Free!

Mobile Banking – Free!

JS Mobile Banking, Pakistan’s first mobile banking android app, allows you to enjoy a true banking experience. It offers a complete range of financial services including funds transfers, utility bill payments, mobile bill payments, interbank funds transfers and branch and ATM locations. The app offers military-grade encryption and 3 factor security, making this the most secure banking experience possible.

SMS Alerts

With the real time SMS service, you will stay up-to-date on all your account transactions.

Cash Withdrawal Insurance – Free!

JS Elite Plus Account provides you security for cash withdrawals made anywhere in Pakistan, through a JS Bank branch or any ATM in Pakistan. This coverage has been designed to reimburse your losses from a snatching or holdup upon cash withdrawal. You are covered for cash withdrawals up to a total of Rs.50,000 per year, for up to two instances per annum!

Cash Withdrawal Insurance is valid as long as you inform the Bank within 30 minutes of the snatching, and is limited to 500 meters radius of the branch or ATM where the withdrawal was made.

Mobile Snatching Insurance – Free!

Never worry about your mobile being snatched again. JS Elite Plus customers are covered up to Rs.20,000 for mobile insurance snatching Insurance!

The mobile insurance is claimable once a year provided you inform the Bank within 30 minutes of the snatching.

Wallet Snatching Insurance – Free!

JS Elite Plus Account also provides coverage in case of wallet snatching, to cover for re-issuance of vital documents such as driving license and CNIC, for up to Rs. 5,000.

Wallet insurance is claimable once a year provided you inform the Bank within 30 minutes of the snatching.

Personal Accidental / Permanent Total Disability Insurance – Free!

As a JS Elite Plus Account holder, you will be insured up to Rs. 300,000 for accidental loss of life or permanent total disability due to snatching, duress and forced deprivation of cash withdrawn.

Claim Process

As soon as any snatching takes place, please inform your Employee Banking Relationship Manager, any JS Bank branch or JS Bank Phone Banking at 0800-011-22 and report the incident. You can then fill out an Insurance Claim Form, which is available with all Employee Banking representatives. Click here to download the insurance claim form.