Welcome to a World of Privileges

Welcome to a World of Privileges, with JS Bank VISA Credit Cards. JS Bank offers you a Credit Card which empowers you to shop at millions of locations worldwide facilitated with amazing discounts offered globally at different outlets.

JS Bank VISA Credit Card offers all services and many more advantages which would fulfill your credit, spending and lifestyle needs. Your card is accepted at any VISA-accepting outlets in Pakistan and throughout the world.

To apply for the JS Bank Credit Card, please contact your nearest JS Bank branch immediately!

For any query, you can also call our 24-hour Call Center at 0800-011-22. International contact number: +92-21 3279909

Attractive Discounts

Your Credit Card World of Privileges booklet acquaints you with amazing offers and discounts on different merchants all across Pakistan.

For details check out the Discount Promotions page.

JS Bank Credit Protector

JS Bank Credit Protector gives you and your family peace of mind and protection you need. It gives you 100% coverage against your outstanding in case of death or permanent disability. This insurance is underwritten by EFU Life Assurance Limited, and is charged at only 0.48% of your monthly outstanding balance..

24/7 Call Centre

JS Bank Credit Cards will be at your service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Just call 0800-011-22 where our helpful and courteous team of Phone Banking Offers will gladly assist you regarding your queries. You can also Email us [email protected].

Balance Transfer Facility

JS Bank provides you an opportunity to transfer your current Credit Card balance or your personal finance outstanding loans to your JS Bank VISA Credit Card! All you have to do is call 0800-011-22 and consolidate all your loans on one card!

 Internet Transactions

You can use your JS Bank credit card to shop online at any merchant with your JS Bank Credit Card. With secure transactions, you can shop online with confidence!

 Global Acceptance

The VISA sign on your Credit Card is your gateway to spending at thousands of outlets nationwide and millions of locations worldwide. Your JS Bank Credit Card now lets you avail boundless opportunities at home and abroad.

 Convenient Repayment Process

Simply fill out the deposit slip at any JS Bank branch and deposit the cheque/cash at the teller counter or drop it in the JS Bank Credit Card payment drop box in the branch. Please ensure you mention your JS Bank Credit Card number on the slip. Please allow up to three working days for same city clearance and seven working days for out of city clearance.

 Auto Debit Facility

You can opt for Auto-Debit payment (minimum or full) for your JS Bank Credit Card and your Card balance will be settled every month, from your specified JS Bank account.

Supplementary Cards

Now you can have up to 6 supplementary Credit Cards issued for your family & friends, and you can specify the credit limit for each card.

Interest Rates

Purchase Type Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Retail Purchase 3.33% 40.0%
Cash Advance 3.33% 40.0%
Balance Transfers Up to 2.00% Up to 24.0%