JS Platinum Business Account is an enriched current account that understands your needs and offers banking solutions you truly deserve.

JS Platinum Business Account – Privileges for Your Business

JS Platinum Business Account offers a host of benefits, for the ultimate banking experience that you deserve! By maintaining an average balance of Rs.150,000 you can avail the best of our services designed around your business banking needs, absolutely free!

Free Cheque Books – Forever!

JS Platinum Business Account empowers you to write unlimited cheques for your business transactions, so that your account moves at the pace of your business.

Free Pay Orders

Your JS Platinum Business Account allows you to issue as many pay orders as your business requires, free of charge!

Free VISA Platinum Debit Card

JS Platinum Business Account entitles you the prestigious & exclusive VISA Platinum Debit Card. Whether is shopping, travelling, dining or withdrawing cash, your VISA Platinum Debit Card offers the best global discounts and the highest withdrawal & transaction limits.

Free SMS Alerts

JS Platinum Business Account offers you with free SMS alerts to keep you up-to-date with your business transactions.

Free ATM Cash Withdrawal from any ATM in Pakistan

With JS Platinum Business Account, charges on cash withdrawals from any 1-Link or M-NET ATMs will be reverse in to your account.

Note: Charges may apply for the above services if average monthly balance in your account drops below Rs.150,000 as per the Bank’s Schedule of Charges.

Unlimited Online Intercity Banking – Free!

Your JS Platinum Business Account allows you to conduct free intercity online transactions, so that you can make the most of our network of 345 branches in 172 cities nationwide!

Preferential Rates on Business Financing

With JS Platinum Business Account, you will receive preferential fast-track treatment and pricing on Business Financing. For more information, please visit your branch.

Cash Withdrawal Insurance Privilege

Your JS Platinum Business Account provides you security for cash withdrawals made anywhere in Pakistan, through a JS Bank branch or any ATM in Pakistan. This coverage has been designed to reimburse your losses from a snatching or holdup upon cash withdrawal. You are covered for cash withdrawals up to a total of Rs.50,000 per year, for up to two instances per annum!

Cash Withdrawal Insurance is valid as long as you inform the Bank within 30 minutes of the snatching, and is limited to 500 meters radius of the branch or ATM where the withdrawal was made.

Claim Process

As soon as any snatching takes place, please inform any JS bank branch or JS Bank Phone Banking at 0800-011-22 to report the incident. You can then fill out an Insurance Claim Form, which is available at all JS Bank branches. Click here to download the insurance claim form.

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