JS Executive Raabta Current Account

exec-rabCommunication is essentially the link between our family, friends and business partners. A call can enable a transaction that takes your business to the next level. A simple SMS from a friend can bring a smile to your face. A video call from your loved ones can brighten up your day. The world of today has no barriers, boundaries or walls. Connecting with someone is as simple as pressing a button.

At JS Bank, we understand the importance of staying connected. To enable this connection, we are proud to offer JS Executive Raabta Current Account is the world’s first current account designed around your individual needs that offers unprecedented banking benefits backed by a postpaid mobile package powered by Telenor. What sets JS Executive Raabta apart is, free mobile connectivity for life and a telecom package designed exclusively for you, upon maintaining the required monthly average balance.

JS Executive Raabta Current Account is a technologically superior current account that allows you to make the most of your banking relationship. Simply maintain an average balance of PKR 75,000, and avail a host of complimentary solutions which cater to your banking and telecommunication needs!

Mobile Package powered by telenor

JS Bank has negotiated a high-end mobile package with telenor , offering unprecedented value to our customers. As long as customers maintain a monthly average balance of PKR 75,000, Telenor will provide the following amazing benefits absolutely free:

Telecommunication Packages

  • 200 minutes to any Telenor numbers
  • 200 MB 4G Internet Data plus 200 MB 4G Social Media Data (covering Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter needs)
  • 200 SMS messages per month
  • Option to Top-up , postpaid internet, social, SMS and calling bundles available. Any usage other than the defined package will be charged from customer’s JS Business Raabta current account as follows:
    • Extra Telenor to Telenor minutes charged at Re. 1.4 per minute + tax
    • Extra minutes to any other network charged at Re. 1.5 per minute + tax
    • Extra SMS messages to be charged at Re. 1 per SMS + tax
    • Extra data to be charged at Re. 1.03 per MB + tax

If customer’s average balance is not maintained, customer’s monthly telecom bill will be charged directly to their JS Executive Raabta Current Account. Any amount over and above the monthly defined telecom package will be charged to the customer’s JS Executive Raabta Current Account regardless of the average balance maintenance requirement.

Unlimited Intercity Online Banking!

JS Executive Raabta Current Account allows you to conduct transactions anywhere in Pakistan, free of charge!

Internet Banking & E-Statements – Free!

Your JS Executive Raabta Current Account gives you the ability to conduct financial transactions and stay in control of your account through JS Bank Internet Banking. You can also receive E-Statements for your account at a frequency of your choice, free of charge!

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