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Zaamin Takaful

Zaamin is a flexible single contribution investment-linked plan for achieving higher returns with added benefit of Takaful coverage. You pay the contribution just once and enjoy the dual benefits of family Takaful coverage and investments in Shariah Compliant instruments. 100% of the original single contribution is allocated to purchase units in EFU Takaful Growth fund.

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What you need to know

Minimum Contribution:
A minimum contribution of Rs. 50,000 is required. The returns based on the contribution vary by terms of the plan and age. 1 Certain charges apply. 2

The plan is available to anyone age 18 years of age or older.


Loyalty Bonus

Be rewarded by investing with us long term. If you’re a member for 5 years, earn bonuses starting from the end of 5th membership year. The loyalty bonus unit allocation in addition to the basic plan is as follows:

Policy Year Loyalty Bonus Allocation as % of Single Contribution
5 2%
10 3%
15 and after every 5 years 4%
Top up your savings

Deposit any surplus funds in a lump sum as Fund Acceleration Contributions (FAC) payments and increase the cash value and thus the returns of your plan. The minimum FAC amount is Rs. 50,000. A guaranteed 100% of the FAC will be allocated to purchase units in EFU Takaful Growth funds.

Decrease your risk even more

Enjoy the unique feature of Surplus Sharing. By contributing Tabarru (donation) into the Participant’s Takaful Fund (PTF), decrease your risk even more and be entitled to a possible bonus.

Waqf Donation

Waqf Donation, which depends on the Takaful cover and age of the participant, will be transferred from Basic Plan Contribution into Participants Takaful Fund.

By Policy:
The sum covered for all ages at time of plan enrollment can be selected from 1.25, 1.75, 1.5 or 2 times of the original single contribution.

By Age:
For those who were 18 – 59 years old at time of enrollment, a Death Benefit up to age 70 years is equal to the greater of the sum covered (adjusted for partial surrenders) or cash values of the plan plus the cash value of the units applicable to (If any). Please note: The Death Benefit after 70 years of age will be the Total Cash Value of the plan.

For those 60 years old or older at the time of enrollment, the Death Benefit of up to 5 policy years is equal to the greater of the sum covered (adjusted for partial surrenders) or cash values of the plan plus the cash value of the units applicable to Fund Acceleration Contributions (if any). Death benefit after 5 policy years will be the Total Cash Value.

Surrender Anytime

Unexpectedly need cash and have to withdraw your investment? You need not worry. Surrender the plan and get the total cash value back at any time.

Partial Withdrawal

Don’t want to take out all your money but need funds for an emergency? You have the option of partially withdrawing your funds if you leave at least Rs. 20,000 as cash value.


1. Illustration of Benefits The below table illustrates the expected Cash Value of a person aged 35 years. The single contribution is Rs.100,000 with a protection component of 1.5. In this case, the guaranteed amount on death is Rs.150,000 and the projected Cash Values are as follows:

8% p.a Expected Rate of Return
Policy Year Death Benefit Cash Value
5 150,000 119,061
10 150,000 150,162
15 190,243 190,243
20 240,191 240,191
10% p.a Expected Rate of Return
Policy Year Death Benefit Cash Value
5 150,000 130,570
10 150,000 180,191
15 250,909 250,909
20 346,346 346,346
12% p.a Expected Rate of Return
Policy Year Death Benefit Cash Value
5 150,000 143,219
10 217,402 217,402
15 329,926 329,926
20 499,124 499,124

2. Following charges apply on the basic Takaful Plan and are based on the principle of Wakalat-ul-Istismar:

  • Bid Offer Spread: 5% of net Single Contribution will be charged.
  • Investment Management Fee: 1.5% p.a. of the Fund Value will be applied.
  • Wakala Fee: 25% of Takaful Donations will be charged.

Built-in Accidental Death Benefit:

In case of accidental death of the participant before age 60, an additional lump sum benefit will be paid. The amount of payout is equal to original Single contribution (adjusted for partial withdrawals). This benefit amount will be in addition to the death benefit mentioned above.


  • This Takaful product is underwritten by EFU Life-Window Takaful Operations. It is not guaranteed by JS Bank Ltd. or its affiliates and is not a JS Bank product. Hence EFU Life-Window Takaful Operations is responsible for all underwriting risk.
  • JS Bank is just a promoter and distributor of this product to its valued customers.
  • The contributions received with respect to the Takaful policies are invested by EFU Life-Window Takaful Operations as per laid-down Terms and conditions.
  • All Takaful Claims, charges and payments relating to the Takaful Policies shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of EFU Life-Window Takaful Operations.
  • The past performance of the fund is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Any forecast made is not necessarily indicative of future or likely performance of the funds and neither EFU Life-Window Takaful Operations nor JS Bank Ltd. will incur any liability for the same.
  • As per the directive of SECP, the values given above are based at expected rates of return of 8%, 10% and 12% per annum. However, the actual values will depend upon the performance of the underlying investment in the EFU Takaful Growth Fund and can be higher or lower than the ones illustrated above. The investment risk of the fund shall be borne by the participant.
  • Taxes will be applicable as per the taxation laws as stipulated by the relevant authorities.