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Women's Savings Plan

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What you need to know

Available to individuals from
18-55 years of age
Term plans are from 10 to 25 years long. The longest savings term selected has to be such that the maximum age at the end of the plan term is not more than 70 years.

- Annual – PKR 24,000 per annum
- Half Yearly -PKR 12,000 per half – year
- Quarterly- PKR 6,000 per quarter
- Monthly – PKR 2,000 per month


Every contribution in HumSafar is utilised to purchase units in the EFU Life Internal Investment Fund, an investment fund with a balanced investment strategy1, 2
With this option, the premium will increase every year by 5% of the previous year's contribution with appropriate increase in benefits
Deposit Fund Acceleration Premium (FAP) or extra contributions in addition to the premium to the plan. The minimum FAP is PKR 24,000 per payment. However, the maximum FAP contribution in a year is 5 times the current year's annual regular contribution. Upon maturity of the plan, the total cash value of the units including the PAF payments is paid.
Pick whichever fund you want based on your needs and risk tolerance from the following three:
  • EFU Managed Growth Fund
  • EFU Guaranteed Growth Fund
In case of demise of the plan holder, the amount payable is equal to:

  • The greater of Sum Assured or Cash Value of units allocated against basic premium.
  • The Cash Value of units allocated against FAP plus payments

If you're a working woman, you can also opt for the Family Income Benefits. In case of death, a monthly income of 1% of the basic sum assured is payable for the remaining terms of the plan. For housewives, in case of death, a fixed monthly income of PKR 5,000 is payable for the remaining terms of the plan.

The policy can be customised to better suit your needs with the following additions/benefits (available for working women only):
  • Medical Recovery Benefit
  • Additional Term Assurance
  • Accidental Death and Disability Benefit
  • Waiver of Premium
  • Life Care Plus Benefit (Available for housewives and working women)

1. Unit Allocation:
Premiums are allocated to the investment fund based on the following unit allocation percentages

Year 1 40%
Year 2 80%
Year 3 90%
Year 4 to 5 100%
Year 6 to 10 103%
Year 11 onwards 105%

FAQs for Women’s Saving Plan

What is Women’s Saving Plan?

Women’s Savings Plan is Pakistan’s first insurance programme designed around the needs of women. Whether you are a housewife or a working woman, the plan ensures that your savings continue to grow every year, allowing you to remain confident every step of your life. Women’s Savings Plan is underwritten by EFU Life Assurance Ltd.

How can I be eligible for Women’s Saving Plan?

The product is available to anyone between the ages of 18 to 55 years. The minimum term of the plan is 10 years whereas the maximum term is 25 years; subject to a maximum age of 70 at maturity.

What is the proportion of contribution allocated to investments?

Premiums are allocated to the investment fund based on the following unit allocation percentages:

Year 1 40%
Year 2 80%
Year 3 90%
Year 4 to 5 100%
Year 6 to 10 103%
Year 11 onwards 105%

Maturity Benefits:

On maturity of the plan, total Cash Value of units applicable to basic premiums and FAP payments is paid.


  • This product is underwritten by EFU Life Assurance Ltd. It is not guaranteed or insured by JS Bank Limited or its affiliates and is not a JS Bank Limited product.
  • All investments made in EFU Managed Growth Fund are subject to market risks. The past performance of EFU Managed Growth Fund is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Any forecast made is not necessarily indicative of future or likely performance of the fund and neither EFU Life Assurance Ltd. Nor JS Bank Limited will incur any liability for the same.
  • A personalized illustration of benefits will be provided to you by our sales representative. Please refer to the notes in our illustration for detailed understanding of various terms and conditions.
  • Service charges and taxes will be applicable as per the bank's "schedule of Charges" and taxation laws as stipulated by the relevant authorities.
  • JS Bank Limited reserves the right to levy such additional charges(s) as may be required, to facilitate the making of contribution in the plan, in the event that the arrangement between JS Bank Limited and EFU Life Assurance Limited is discontinued.