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JS Loan for Her

Introducing JS Loan for HER - a loan product dedicated especially for women!

JS Her Loan makes it super easy for women to avail of a loan at the lowest markup rate. Start a business or fulfill personal needs, JS Her Loan allows financing up to PKR 2 Million with an easy and hassle-free process.
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Why JS HER Loan?

  • Lowest markup rate
  • Up to Rs. 500,000 free coverage for micro-critical illnesses
  • 50% waiver on processing fee
  • Flexible Tenure
Loan Top-ups and Enhancement

In case you require additional financing later, JS Her Loan allows you the flexibility to enhance your loan amount based on your revised income and healthy repayment history.

Easy Repayment Options

  • Auto Debit with a personal account
  • Cheque
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Cash payment at branches
Eligibility Criteria

Gender Female only
Citizenship Pakistani national/Foreign national with a company letter of comfort
Age Min: 21 years & max: 60 years
Income Salaried: minimum gross monthly salary of Rs. 40,000/-

Self-Employed Professionals/Businesswomen: minimum monthly average balance of PKR. 100,000/-

Others: (Landlady/Housewive & Retired Individual) with consistent rental income/foreign remittances
Documents Required

  • Complete application form with signatures
  • Copy of CNIC 6-month bank statement (If required)
  • For Salaried Individuals – Salary Slip/Salary Certificate
  • For Self-employed businessmen and Self-employed professionals – Any Relevant Proof of Business Documents (Tax returns, NTN, Bank Certificate)
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