Financial Literacy Program of JS Bank

At JS Bank it is our mission to be the preferred partner of our customers ensuring the accessibility of financial services to all consumers and not to the elite only. JS Bank with its wide reach of branch network is increasingly becoming accessible to all income segments, catering to the needs of all types of consumers and developing new products to meet the upcoming demands of consumers.

Since Pakistan is characterised as having very low rates of savings & investments, low penetration of financial products & services, lack of educational & financial literacy and increasing regulatory focus on enforcement standards to protect the consumers, therefore a campaign for the financial literacy by financial institutions has been deemed as the need of the hour.

Helping people to make informed financial decisions is central to

  • Protecting consumers,
  • Promoting public awareness of financial products and services,
  • Responsible customer behaviour.

Financial Consumer Education addresses weak financial literacy by empowering the common man with the ability to process financial information and to make wise personal financial decisions. It may teach people how to save more, spend less, borrow prudently, and manage their debt with discipline.

Financial Literacy Program of JS Bank would impart financial education and awareness on different personal finance themes and consumer protection rights & responsibilities.

Our Mission

“To promote financial skills and prudent economic decision-making capabilities in different segments of the population.”

Our Objectives:

  • Imparting knowledge and understanding of, financial concepts, banking products and services
  • To improve access to financial services for all consumer segments
  • To encourage responsible financial behaviour
  • To empower consumers to exercise informed choices and select value-for-money goods and service

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