Features of GOP securities

1. Buying and selling of Securities: Free of Charge
2. Receiving of securities in IPS account: Free of Charge
3. Transferring of Securities from IPS account: PKR 1,000/- per transaction.
4. Quarterly Statement: Free of Charge
5. Custodian Charges: 0.020% pa of month end balance per issue (Charges are applicable above holdings of Rs. 1 million)
6. WHT/FED is applicable as per country laws.

As a Primary Dealer (PD), JS Bank Limited can facilitate your participation in the T-Bills/PIB auction by placing non-competitive bids on your behalf. This can be done through:

1. Competitive bidding: The customer will indicate the appropriate price they would like to participate on in the auction. The price is based on prevailing rates.

2. Non-competitive bidding: The SBP issues treasury bills to non-competitive bidders at the weighted average yield of the successful competitive bids.

Please note that the SBP reserves the right to reject competitive bids in any tenor without assigning any reason. Rejection of the competitive bids by the SBP in the auction renders all non-competitive bids invalid. It is also to be noted that multiple bids in the same tenor through different PDs are rejected by the SBP.

For further details, call at 111-JSBTRY (572-879).