Deposit Products

JS Premium Current Account

JS Premium Current Account provides unmatched convenience, protection and privilege, designed around your banking and lifestyle needs…. To make your life feel easy! Read more

Asaan Current Account

JS Asaan Current Account offers simplest banking to all Pakistanis. With our simplified account opening process and documentation,we ensure banking is convenient and quick for every individual. JS Asaan Current Account offers the following facilities:

  • No Minimum Balance Requirement
  • No Account Maintenance Charges
  • Total of Rs. 500,000 transaction limit of Debit & Credit per month
  • Option to avail all Alternate Delivery Channels services
  • Country wide banking facility

For additional features of Asaan Current Account t, Read More

Platinum Business Account

JS Platinum Business Account offers a host of benefits, for the ultimate banking experience that you deserve! By maintaining an average balance of Rs.150,000 you can avail the best of our services designed around your business banking needs, absolutely free! For complete feature list of JS Platinum Business Read more

Kamiyab Business Account

The Kamiyab Business Account offers great value for businessmen, to make business transactions smoother and faster. The following services are offered absolutely free of charge:

  • Online Inter-city Funds Transfer
  • Return Cheque (outward)
  • Demand Draft and Pay Order Issuance

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Rupee Plus Account

JS Bank’s Rupee-Plus savings account is a high performing product, calculates profits on a daily basis, giving maximum returns with the greatest flexibility. By opening a Rupee Plus Account with JS Bank, the following services can be availed absolutely free of charge:

  • Online Inter-city Funds Transfer
  • Return Cheque (outward)
  • Demand Draft and Pay Order Issuance

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Rupee Current Account

The Rupee Current Account primarily targets individuals and companies that have a high turnover of cheques. Ideal for volume based businesses; Rupee Current Account has no initial balance requirement. In addition, if an average monthly balance of PKR 100,000 is maintained in the Rupee Current Account, the following services would be absolutely free of charge:

  • Chequebook Issuance (25 leaves)
  • Small Locker*
  • ATM Card Issuance**

For additional features of Rupee Current Account, Read More

PLS Rupee Saving Account

The JS Bank PLS Saving Account is a Profit and Loss sharing account that offers competitive returns on your savings with security and convenience. A PLS Rupee Saving Account holder gets the following services absolutely free of charge:

  • Online Inter-city Funds Transfer
  • Return Cheque (outward)
  • Demand Draft and Pay Order Issuance

For additional features of PLS Rupee Saving Account Read More

Rupee Basic Banking Account

This is a Rupee account that can be operated keeping a balance as low as Rs. 1,000/-. Ideal for salaried individuals and persons with low transaction turnover, Rupee Basic Banking Account has the following salient features:

  • No transactional charges up to 2 deposit transactions and 2 checking withdrawals per month.
  • No minimum balance requirements.
  • No charges to maintain the account.
  • Country wide banking facility
  • Foreign Currency Account
  • Current and Savings accounts in US$, Pound Sterling and Euros.

For additional information about Rupee Basic Banking Accounts read more

Muhib-e-Watan Account

It’s never easy when loved ones are living abroad. Now with the JS Bank Muhib-e-Watan Account, you have peace of mind in knowing that you can get the best return on your funds even when your loved ones are miles away. Designed specifically for the needs of foreign remittance beneficiaries, the JS Bank Muhib-e-Watan Account gives you great benefits and a high rate of return so that you can enjoy the very best of life. Read More

Rupee Fixed Deposits

JS Banks offers account holders fixed deposit products with different tenures and competitive rates. You can transfer your idle funds available in Current, Savings, Kamiyab Business or Rupee Plus account(s) and reap benefits in the shape of optimum returns. Rupee Fixed Deposits offer the following salient features:

  • Various tenures
  • Profit disbursement frequency as per your choice. Read More

JS Rupee Travellers Cheque

JS Rupee Travellers Cheque is an easy-to-use Cheque instrument designed to facilitate transactions in a secure and smart way, allowing customers great flexibility in conducting transactions on the move!

JS Rupee Travellers Cheque is very useful for individuals, particularly for customers who need cash while travelling within Pakistan to conduct transactions, make payments and keep their cash safe with them, with a secure and recognized tool that is as good as carrying cash! Read More

Special Convertible Rupee Account

In light of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) guidelines, Non-residents are allowed to trade freely in the shares quoted on the Stock Exchange of Pakistan (Secondary Market). However, for this purpose non-residents are required to open Special Convertible Rupee Account (SCRA) with Banks and CDC sub-accounts with participants of Central Depository Company in Pakistan.

The Operation of SCRA accounts is up to an extent of remittances received from abroad or by transfer from a Foreign Currency Account maintained by non-resident investors in Pakistan. The balance available therein can be used for purchase of any shares quoted on the Stock Exchange of Pakistan (Secondary Market). The disinvestment proceeds against sale of previously purchased shares through SCRA can be credited in this account. The SCRA accounts can also be credited with dividend income against the shares held by non-resident investors. Read more