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Master Motors

JS PMYBL & Master Motors offers individuals to establish their own income stream by owning a branch new Foton or Fuso vehicle at the lowest annual mark-up of 6% and bare minimum downpayment of 10%.

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Eligibility Criteria:

Age: Between 21 and 45 years

Valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)

Valid Driving License

Existing and potential customers of Master Motors

Must be an Income tax Filer

Clean credit history and no active loans
Vehicle Eligibility Criteria (New and Used):

Only Brand new Foton and Fuso Vehicles.


Security/Collateral Requirements

The vehicle would be marked HPA to JS Bank. In addition to that, there would be either one of the following added requirements:

Individual (or collective – up to 3 guarantors) net worth of 1.5 times of required loan amount

Government Employee(s) of BPS-15 or above with minimum 8 years of remaining service at the time of providing the guarantee

Mortgage of 3rd person residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural property

Pledge and/or lien over bank deposits, certificates of deposits, gold ornaments and national savings securities

Either of the two guarantors in (1) and (2) above will fulfill the following conditions:

Clean Credit history

Not an employee of JS Bank

Guarantors cannot guarantee more than one loan

Guarantor may be a blood relative.

Guarantor cannot apply for PMYBL.

It is not mandatory for the guarantor to reside in the same city of the applicant.

There is no age-limit for guarantors who are not government employees.


Documents Checklist for JS PMYBL & Ghandhara Industries Ltd::

Reference letter from Master Motors.

One recent Passport Size Photograph

Copy of valid CNIC of applicant.

Copy of valid Driving License of applicant

Copy of Father’s CNIC (if available)

Undertaking from Guarantor (if applicable)

Copy of Guarantor’s CNIC (If applicable)

Contact information for two (2) references

Information pertinent to two (2) references including CNIC numbers, addresses and mobile numbers


Apply for JS PMYBL & Ghandhara Industries Ltd:

Step 1: Visit Master Motors Dealership

Step 2: Master Motors will refer Customers to JS Bank Limited

Step 3: JS Bank will contact Customers to visit the nearest JS Bank branch for application initiation