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Current Accounts

JS Elite

JS Elite is a complete banking payroll solution that caters to the needs of both the employer and the employee. JS Elite offers seamless and efficient salary processing along with transactional benefits, convenience, exceptional service, and security of funds all in one account. It is indeed THE account for every individual’s needs!

JS Elite Plus

JS Elite Plus offers smooth payroll processing and brings you convenience, exceptional service and security of funds all in one account. It provides first-class banking services along with an exclusive set of transactional benefits, specifically designed for the top tiered employees.

Featured Benefits


JS Elite & JS Elite + Current Account
Zero Balance Maintenance Free ATM Card
Free Cheque Book / Pay Orders No 1 Link or M-Net Charges
Insurance Coverage
Insurance Coverage* Coverage Frequency of Availing Insurance
ATM & Over-The-Counter Cash Withdrawal Insurance Up to PKR 50,000/- Twice a year
Wallet Snatching Insurance Up to PKR 5,000/- Once a year
Mobile Phone Snatching Insurance Up to PKR 20,000/- Once a year
Accidental Death / Permanent Total Disability Insurance Up to PKR 500,000/- One Time
Terms & Conditions Applied